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Dear Ron,
Do you think mental telepathy is for real? Like, for example, you are thinking about somebody and  at that moment they call you. I have had that experience and sometimes wonder if it was just coincidence or if our thoughts are connected.

Dear Wonderer,
This is a question for Dr. Aldous Dimly, the noted thinker and parapsychology maven. I contacted Dr. Dimly at his home in Key West, where he was researching the chicken and the egg question on his private beach, and Dr. Dimly was kind enough to speak on this subject while lotioning himself.
Dr. Dimly suggested to me that thought is indeed in the public domain. A person might think that he is only thinking, but the hard facts are that he is sending telegrams all the time. These may include words, pictures, and even recipes.
All of it is just out there and it is just like browsing at the mall, he says, looking at all the things to buy, and then bingo, a person goes into a store and buys, just out of the blue, buys something. Well, where did the decision to buy that particular object and not another come from? It is Dr. Dimly’s contention that there was nonverbal communication that took place, some thought force out there in the atmosphere which made a case for said object and not any other. Dr Dimly calls this the  X Force. He calls it that because x is Dr. Dimly’s favourite letter.
Now who actually sent that message and why? Well, those are questions that Dr. Dimly intends to spend a lot more time on the beach investigating, but he intimated to me when I pressed him on it that messages comes from the most unlikelyl sources, let us say, just another face in the crowd who at that moment was sending the message, “pressure cooker,” which reached the consumer and caused him to go right into a hardware store and pick up that pressure cooker. Dr. Dimly says price rarely has much to do with consumer spending because price tags are generally too small.
What can we take from this, Wonderer?  I, for one, came away from my telephone call with Dr. Dimly fairly convinced that there may be something to this business of mental telepathy and the sending of thought. I can also say that I came away from our conversation with an intense ear ache as a result of Dr. Dimly’s ferocious vocal chords. I hope we have added to the debate, Wonderer.

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