An extract from TERMINAL, a black comedy

TERMINAL is a one-act black comedy that explores the relationship between sex and death.

Silvio, a middle-aged executive, decides he wants to kill himself and he wants to make it interesting. So he invites a prostitute named Laura over to give him a send off.

Terminal tackles the Big Question philosophers have put to themselves since antiquity. That question is whether life is worth living or simply some tedious imposition. Silvio takes the latter position and believes it is his right to terminate his life. In this he is diametrically in opposition to Laura whose opinion is the more common one. Laura tries to sex Silvio out of his decision.
Written and Directed by: Ron Kozloff

Starring: Todd Harrop & Janice Wu

Photo: Cindy Lopez

Terminal in Quebec Drama Federation magazine

Quebec Drama Federation’s Theatre Calendar for Spring 2009 features Terminal, a play written and directed by Ron Kozloff, part of this year’s Montreal Fringe Festival.

Theater Calendar Spring 2009 by Quebec Drama Federation, p. 20-21

Terminal is:

“A one-act, 2-character black comedy that explores the relationship between sex and death. A middle-aged executive decides to kill himself, but wants a sendoff. He hires an escort to give it to him.”

Starring: Todd Harrap & Janice Wu

One hour play

At Club Lambi, 4465 boul. St-Laurent, Montreal (Canada)

June 11 to 21, 2009

Box Office: 514-849-3378

Comedy – Tragedy