I’ve had enough

I’ve had enough of this road

And the stone in my shoe

I’ve had enough of me

And not enough of you


I’ve had enough

Of the air that I breathe

It’s painful to swallow

Painful to grieve


I’ve had enough

Don’t tell me no

I don’t know where to turn to

Don’t know where to go


I’ve had too little

Of glory and faith

Faith in something

I could never erase


I’ve had just enough

Time to prepare

Give me a signal

And I’ll try to get there

2 thoughts on “I’VE HAD ENOUGH

  1. ronkozloff2013

    Hey Sisyphus,

    Good to hear from you. We have had a sort of contact for some time now -years, in fact – without it being direct and I have had curiosity about you and your art, but were probably too self-absorbed to reach out. Would like this to change. I can say I do appreciate your support. You seem a very interesting man.
    Take good care!

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