ENIGMA (for J-M)

If it’s too good to be true

is it true,

a young man, nearly

a boy, really,

who astounds in

twenty-first century space

with jewels as words that are

louder than blame

and as magnificent

as First Love?


Who is he,

who writes in a third language

he met on a beach as a child?


He is doubtless connected

to those who spoke

before him

in the flowers of language,

messages of possibility,

all the while surrounded

in a world

swallowed by toxins.


If Art is a lie that tells the truth,

then he is a great liar,

a magician who spins wheels

before fortunate spectators.



Beauty is proffered by the arthritic


2 thoughts on “ENIGMA (for J-M)

  1. ronkozloff2013

    J.M., You are everything I said you were and More -much more! Believe me, I am not a gusher. Few times in my life (I”m 71, and I”m well-read) have I encountered such powerful verse. I think my poem was pretty good, as well. R.

  2. This is so sweet, Ron. I must make an appreciation post with the exurgent compositions people have written in my wake; though, curiously, I’ve had more poems about me than poems about my poems, which I find strange.

    Thank you, really. I’m sorry it took me long to see it, I’ve been really juggling lately.

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