In your cage there are rare wildcats

I can’t look at because they frighten me.

You say you can sell them for a lot of money.



Kissing a mirror onscreen

In a crowded room

The crooked line leads from somebody

to everybody.

It is drama waiting to happen.


Mr. Dry meets Miss Smiley in an operating room.

They have China together

They play and sing on television

with a ring.

Mr. Dry dies to everybody.


Light people believe in air.

They have less skin

That’s why.


You and I are on the same floor.

We are like two cigars that like each other.

You are a hairless honey and I am ego-lite.

Don’t be a sad plant.

You have a yapper to die for.


This adding machine doesn’t add up.

All we get are nutritious factoids.

Doctor Patience has no patience

And I have a wiggling gumline.

I don’t know whose vagina this is either.


Cut up your life

Other words, other worlds,

Chrome creatures.

What is a man?


You have an arthritic imagination

Like a bowl of dead cherries,

Or dented ping-pong balls on the floor.

You bring on a clanging attack of

Angry suction.


Mr. White and Mr. Beige own a golf course

They are two watches that get along

In the green streak

On easy air.


Every time I inhale in the sensory deprivation department

I get dry sickness and croaker facts, a real sore temperature.


What do women want,

Earwax ecstasies or pizza vaginas,

Or just to lay down with the pencils?


I am trying as hard as I cannibalistic.

Shoot me in the headache.


Jinxed affection opens the box.

A truck is coming filled with cries for justice.

What’s worse than finding a roach in your meat?

Tit for tat is not a solution.


The mask needs some sleep,

A selfie squat,

The perfect shower.

The best news pictures.


Mosquito viruses,

That’s how they survive

A rich death.


The first day of school

Turn over a new leaf.

Hammer humidity.


At the heart of it,

Who cares?


That is what they have in common,

Dads care about breastfeeding.


Grim news to employees

Scarier than ever before.

You have to make people believe

It is significantly less miserable

than the leadership race.


Weight-watcher drone looking forward

To scratching my package.

I’ m a jackhammer sprinter with an

itchy ear.


Gluten-free people finger factories.

Brick wall cops the wisdom of the north.

What divorced aftermath rumour?

Celebrities pose the deodorized Buddha.


Winner picks sleeping pick,

Masked lips, U.S. Walmart.

If you want to save money,

Tax backlash, bite Burger King.


The drum is so bright,

The air-conditioner is loud.


You don’t have to be

stranded in an unknown location

after 36 years of marriage.

For what it’s worth,

kindness is rewarded.


Tony is alive or dead

grinding brown hashtags.

How do these people in dry skin

wet leaves in significant silent anger?


The boredom factor is

the weight of what it means

getting out of bed.

Smiles collide dusty desk evacuation.

How much of this do we want to see?


Are Canadian universities doing

enough Chinese writing?

Local police departments ban singing

and scientists in the overcast nightmare.

What to wear?


Brion’s light complexion on the

Mexican border bareback riding.


Brad and Angie,

pretty little liars heading to Mexico

on the wrong side of the road,

The Lighter family as

curly haired cuties in blue.


You write your life story

when you’re young

and your hair grows fast.


Hidden information is not an actual cloud.

It never stops bad news.


A woman’s job sad in foreplay is

an air-conditioned nightmare.


15 fictional teachers

that’s so last week it’s a

sleep cure brain freeze.


Summer tweets a robot with emotions,

virulent homophobia on a frugal budget.


The unforgiving heat

scares the leaves.


I don’t know what to do

to cloud your judgement

until her rapist leaves.


Photos leaked the blood of survivors.

Aluminium paper death justice will be served

in repetitive nausea.



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