Money is a bandage on a wound that never heals.

Money is the most popular girl at the dance, but once she is spent she turns into an old lady.

The profit motive is at the bottom of all action.

The only time money is important is when you don’t have enough of it.

The fastest way to get somebody to like you is to give them money.

Money and death are two sides of the same coin. Most people choose to look at one side rather than the other.

The chief advantage of being rich is knowing how little value money really has. The poor can live under a comfortable illusion.

I would like a percentage from anyone who casts me in their fantasy.

Shouldn’t there be a tax on using up oxygen? You should have to give back some sort of something, say, a good deed.

Capitalism is the expression of our natural greed; socialism is supposed to be the expression of our natural benevolence. Let’s wonder which is stronger.

Wasting time is called time spent doing something that will not bring you gain, as if gain is the only thing worth striving for.

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