Time goes by and what
Another day you don’t know what you’re doing here.

Do unto those what they have done to others; double it, in fact.

The first drink of the evening is a blessed thing.

One side of my mouth just told the other to start talking.

Everything means less than it did, say, five minutes ago.

These words have minds of their own.

Where do news anchors go when they are fired ?

You cannot grasp anything. You cannot hold onto anything. Learn that

Pick my brain while I am asleep and serve it to me for breakfast.

The secret: start with something solid.

Who to kill, who to copy?

This is beyond a joke: They found his voice after his death.

I sit here quoting me to myself.

I am not yet deranged enough to begin.

I just saw myself as a very weathered individual.

I can’t stand the sound of my one hand clapping.

Am I destined to be a carbon copy of all the people I admire?

I cannot step from my bed;  invisible hands hold me down.

I sit here in my underwear: hot, swearing, dreamless.

Open the door; that’s all I ask.

Ghosts from my past talk to me mano a mano.

I followed a snowflake today; I followed the wrong snowflake.

To invoke the Muse every day to invoke the Muse every day

Density and Dimension

What can be said about holes in the skin?

The golden fish
Standing in the long, green bottle.

For a moment I thought I lost you among the players and my heart almost stopped.

You know two people with the same first name. One of these people you love, the other you detest.  When you say the name what happens at the bottom of your brain.

I have seen so many cows eating, I wonder if they knew I saw them.

What would happen if everyone in the world thought the same thing at the same time?

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