What a boon for mankind! Almost everybody enjoys music of one kind or another. But what is it with these tunes you hear that you can’t get out of your head? They just go on over and over and you can’t get rid of them. I read it has something to do with a loop that forms in the brain as a reaction to the music. It must be the dark side of music. Let the CIA take note . Cheney said they were entering the dark side. Rather than water-boarding, why not just play suspected terrorists Abba records to get information from them?


The same exact thing you can see completely differently when you are in another mood.  And you never know what mood you are going to be in at any given moment. It is almost beyond our control. Some chemical in your brain will determine your perceptions and emotions. That is why life is so complicated and unpredictable. It’s a lottery that the brain plays. And there is no punch line to this. I am in that kind of mood.


The things people do for excitement.  It is because there is no real danger, life and death danger, in our lives. Life used to be dangerous. Now it’s comfortable. So people need to feel a certain amount of danger to feel  they are alive. Early man probably didn’t come home from a day out hunting and want to play a hand of poker or whatever game was big at the time.  Thus horror movies. “Scare the shit out of me. My life is so dull that I need  to shit my pants to I know I am alive.” That’s a bit of a scary thought.


Here we are the most free civilization in the history of the world, and what do we do with our freedom? Figure out ways to waste it, like: promoting  and purchasing useless products, voting for insipid people who will do nothing to better our lot, and commending the guy who beat the Guinness world record for longest nostril hair. Next to that, slavery may be underrated. At least a slave has the satisfaction of putting in a good day’s work and doesn’t have to worry about losing his job.

I have recently heard that, due to the lack of inspiration in popular music these days ,there are bands surfacing that try to imitate some of the more successful ones of the past. But you can tell just by the names they have taken that they don’t feel they are up to scratch. One of them calls itself “The Doorknobs.” Another is named “The Rolling Pebbles.”And then there is” Nirwhatta.”

The worst thing you can call someone in this society is lazy. It’s better to be called a child-molester than a slacker. Now I think there are advantages in being lazy. You don’t get tired. You don’t feel bad because you didn’t win the marathon. You never fail at anything because you never try. And if you can be lazy enough, you don’t bother to eat and eventually you die.  And that has to be heaven for a lazy person.

A fifteen year-old kid is addicted to video games. His parents realize it is not in his best interest and proceed to curtail them. The kid has a fit and decides to leave home and heads off, direction unknown. His body is later found in a forest. An autopsy reveals cause of death is that he fell out of a tree. Who is at fault? The highschool is the parents say because the kid was refused a position on his high school hockey team because he was considered too short. They launch a campaign to prevent this from happening to other kids. Is it possible the kid would not have died if he had not climbed the tree? Why not start a petition to caution other idiotic kids not to climb high trees and then fall asleep?

I saw a documentary recently on maximum security penitentiaries in the United States. In men’s prisons they have female guards. Isn’t this a little risky? They are overseeing the worst of the worst –vicious killers, sadists, rapists. One inmate said that it was like dangling bloody meat in front of a shark. What would make a woman take a job like that?  One guard even looked like she was taunting these guys, trying to get them angry. Who in their right mind does something like this? I say,” Sister… Either get thee to a nut house, or let’s watch Animal Kingdom.”

“Whoever said it was gonna be easy?” This is a question you often hear, yet nobody seems to know who said it. I happen to know there is somebody who said it was gonna be easy, and I wish he would stand up and take responsibility for the comment. I say this because I think this person tried to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. I believed him, and I am sure there are others like me. Most of my life, I have walked around asking my own question to whomever would listen: “You mean, it’s NOT gonna be easy?”

What can we say about the educational system today ? That it’s a system, that is a machine, and that it doesn’t educate, but rather cranks out graduates that are probably worse off than when they began. They may have more information and skills but their minds are weaker. They have lost curiosity and the ability to think for themselves.  They are dispirited  and they are shorn of any meaningful connections to each other and to the world. All their knowledge is chopped up into so-called facts and there is little joy in gaining it. What they have they don’t know what to do with except to go on taking in more facts. There is nothing about what constitutes a valuable life in most schools. Or what life is. Or who they are. They are shown death in life. It is no wonder that many kids hate school. Shame on this society that pretends to be enlightened. Let it shovel its shit somewhere else.

I have a punctuation prejudice: Semi-colons. I love periods, commas, apostrophes,  question marks, exclamation  point. Even colons  are fine. There is something about the semi-colon that annoys me intensely. It’s like, what are you? You are neither a comma nor a period. You have no identity. You stand for nothing.  And you are pretentious.  I for one, can’t stand looking at you , and I would never invite you to one of my paragraphs. I hope I am not hurting your feelings, but I just don’t like you. Period.

It’s a religious word.” Redeemed. Rescued from sin.”  It seems  people like this concept. I guess people like the fact that people have remorse for something they did. So it is like saying, “I’m sorry” but on a grand scale.  But people say “I’m sorry” all the time.” Maybe they mean it, maybe not.  But to me it’s still cheating . You did something bad that you enjoyed. Now you get rewarded for having remorse. People pat you on the back.  You profit twice for your action. What if somebody expressed regret for doing a good act? “I’m sorry I helped that beggar. I should have let him starve.”  You would be considered a monster for saying that. It is better to do a bad thing and regret it than to do a good thing and talk about it.

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