Review of A Shameful Devotion

TITLE:            A Shameful Devotion

AUTHOR:      Ron Kozloff

REVIEW:       Pink Flamingo Website Book Reviews

This is the story of a young girl named Andrea and is written as letters from herself to her diary at the request of her mistress, Miss Florence Harwood, of the Harwood Academy.  Andrea has been sent to Miss Florence by her mother for lessons in obedience and deportment.  Under Miss Florence’s strict tutelage and discipline, Andrea quickly learns her place. She even becomes proud of her progress and her newfound obedience to this formidable woman. The story really takes off as Andrea’s boyfriend, Trevor Martin, comes under Miss Florence’s control, as he  quickly becomes her willing slave.

This story contains little of everything, and a lot of humiliation and corporal punishment, as well as forced male homosexuality, and lots of female control. Miss Florence controls every aspect of Andrea’s and Trevor’s lives – including how often they see each other, how much contact they are allowed, even when and how they enjoy sex. Though Florence allows them to marry, her ruthless control continues. Finally, she arranges for Trevor to get Andrea pregnant. Once that is done, her interest in Trevor wanes and she turns him over to a male friend.  Her intent is to take control of Andrea’s baby. But will she get that chance? The high-spirited Andrea has a rebellious streak the Femdom may not have anticipated.

I enjoyed this story for its variety of elements that are common to Femdom erotica, especially its emphasis on humiliation, control and punishment. If you like Femdom, you’re certain to like this story. This is a truly one of a kind story, as intriguing as it is sexual provocative.

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